I couldn’t fix him…

It was the day after Christmas – there were drops of blood in the bathroom sink at my parent’s house. My little brother didn’t deny it, he was hooked on heroin.
What seemed so far away… was now in our home.
Life became very different at this point.
We felt all alone in a crowded room.
I wanted to kidnap him and take him to a safe place, a place where no one could hurt him and he couldn’t hurt himself.
I was supposed to protect my brother but I didn’t know how to protect him from himself.
I got the call when I was at Disneyland – the “happiest place on earth.”
Addiction took my little brother’s life.     Read More…

After addiction took my brother’s life,
I wanted to raise money for recovery centers

I’ve had a tug on my heart to somehow help others who are living the nightmare that my family went through.
I couldn’t save my own brother so what made me think I could help others?  The idea was to raise funds for treatment and recovery by offering the shorts my mom taught me how to sew.  In my high school days, shorts were pretty tight and hard to skate in so I made shorts the way I wanted them to look and feel – super comfy and different than the next guy. 10% is donated to causes that pour their souls into the recovery and healing process of others.

Walls come down and together, we can help save lives

I found myself volunteering at The Boardroom Show – a convention for surfboard builders (the guys that shape surfboards).  I shared my story with a couple board builders and others within the industry. As complete strangers, walls came down – they were intentional and joined our journey to help re-shape lives touched by addiction.

Why the name “34 Stitches”? Well, my little brother Aaron was 34 when he passed away,
and the word “Stitches” reminds you that you can mend a wound but there will always be a scar.