After addiction took my brother’s life, I wanted to raise money for treatment and recovery centers.

Skating pools, ramps, parking blocks and anything you could do a “boneless” from is how I spent my life in high school. Shorts back then were pretty tight and hard to skate in. They grabbed me in all the wrong places and the pockets would get in my way. So, my mom taught me how to sew and I started making shorts the way I wanted them to look and feel.

The shorts had to be super flexible when I would pad up to skate so I messed around with the template and designed a pair of shorts that are easy to be in and super airy. I don’t follow all the sewing laws which is why the shorts are different than the next guy and so darn comfy.

Since high school, I’ve been making shorts for my brother and friends. I’ve been asked about selling them but there wasn’t enough of a push to do so.

Until Now!

Enjoy the shorts and Freestyle…all day long