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Read some of the most frequently asked questions about 34 Stitches.

Will 34 Stitches connect with other treatment programs??

Yes. As 34 Stitches continues to unfold, we are forming relationships with individuals, groups, organizations and treatment centers that gracefully pour their souls into the healing process of others.

How does 34 Stitches reach out to the community??

We share our story with random people in random places.  The shorts act as a bridge to start a conversation.  It’s our way of talking about addiction out load.  Our goal is to have simple conversations that will help inform and encourage people.

Why the name “34 Stitches”??

Well, my little brother Aaron was 34 when he passed away, and the word “Stitches” reminds you that you can mend a wound but there will always be a scar.

Why Shorts??

The shorts are nothing more than a widget so we can share a story in hopes of informing and encouraging those who have been touched by addiction. My mom taught me how to sew shorts when I was a kid so I went with the idea.

Is 34 Stitches a helpline??

We are not trained mental health professionals.  We are not trained in depression or addiction. 34 Stitches cannot accept responsibility for any of the service providers provided by any of these or any other providers. It is your choice and you are responsible for selecting the provider or treatment.

What does the future hold for 34 Stitches??

I don’t know…
I know that I want to help people and this is the best way I know how to.
Using shorts as a bridge to talk about addiction…my little brother would call me an idiot. But then he would give me a “thumbs-up” with a “wink”.
The future is foggy, scary and holds a lot of questions.
But when I’m faced with an issue, I pray I don’t get in God’s way and that I can clearly see the doors open and close.
People continue to come out of nowhere, at the perfect time, to fill in holes on this journey. So I keep walking…